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Deep Sea Fishing Trips

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What you can catch on our deep sea trips

Texas Deep Sea Game Fish

red snapper sm

Red Snapper

great barracuda sm


sailfish sm


greater amberjack sm


king mackerel sm

king Mackerel

crevalle jack sm

Crevalle Jack

dolphin sm


cobia sm


spanish mackerel sm

Spanish Mackerel

blacktip shark sm

Blacktip Shark

Deep Sea Fishing Trips

Starting at $1300

  • Rates very depending on target fish.
We require a $400 deposit to book and hold your place on one of our deep sea fishing trips. Cancelations must be given 7 days prior to date of trip in order to receive deposit refund. Captain may cancel if weather conditions are unsafe, in the event of equipment failure or for other reasons outside of our control.
1What do I need to bring?
We provide ice, fishing gear, bait, Refreshments and snacks. You will need a fishing license and we recommend you bring sunglasses, sunscreen, and have an ice chest in your car to take your fish home with you when your done.
2Will I get sea sick?
Sea sickness isn't very common. however If your worried about becoming seasick you should speak with your doctor about proper medication and other options to prevent seasickness. We recommend that you don't drink heavily the night before or eat a large meal before the trip.
3What happens to the fish I catch
you get to take them home, We recommend you bring an ice chest in your car to put them in when the trips over
4Is your trip safe for children?
Of course! we do our best to make trips safe and fun for everyone. We are highly experienced in boating safety, keep our boats highly maintained and observe weather conditions before and during all trips.